Feeling Connected

Tapping into feeling connected to your authentic self is a like a muscle that needs to be developed. After years of tapping into my spiritual practices I really work on feeling connected. And, it feels ah..mazing to simply feel happy, and at peace with what is.  Like anything else I want to improve in life it takes work and most of all consistency. Connection to my higher self means staying true to what calls my soul. In my case that consists of daily meditation, blogging,  connecting with loved ones, reading, listening to podcasts, cooking a healthy meal, and a great yoga practice.

You may be reading this and thinking that all sounds wonderful if only I had enough time in my day to fit these practices in. If you are, please take a moment to answer this question: Do you prefer making time for yourself a priority,  or would you rather feel like shit? The choice is yours,  it is truly that simple: we choose how we want to feel. Hear Me Out: taking the time to get connected throughout your day is essential and one hundred percent necessary for your well being. Just like eating nutritious foods, and exercise is essential for your health it all ties together. Mind, Body and Spirit. Still not convinced?! I challenge you try these five tools that you can do in just five minutes every day for the next 30 days. 

1. Meditation

Guided or Silent, at least five minutes(suggestion: first thing in the morning, before checking emails, social media etc..)

5 Minutes Guided Meditation resources:

The Five Minute Miracle - Daily Guided Meditation

Beyond Purpose

Mindfulness Guided Meditation - 5 Minutes Maria Lewis 

Empower Your Day: Morning Meditationwww.themovementwithin.com




2. Journaling

Writing out how you are feeling is a great form of release. (Suggestion: Do not hold back, write as if you'd be embarrassed if someone read it.)  This is a great time to dig dip and reflect on your fears, emotions, setbacks and negative thought patterns.

3. Get Out in Nature

Taking some time for yourself to get out into nature for AT LEAST five minutes. Appreciate the beauty of mother nature, breath in some fresh air, and take the time to think about all that you are grateful for each and everyday. 

4. Reading

Even if it is just a page or two of something that makes you feel good and gets your imagination going, it helps! 

Favorite Reads: 

The Universe Has Your Back

Author: Gabrielle Bernstein 


Author: Marshall Goldsmith

The Artist's Way Author:Julia Cameron

Not a Fan

Author: Kyle Idleman

The Secret

Author: Rhonda Byrne

A New Earth

Author: Eckhart Tolle


5. Breath & Stretch

I recommend exercising daily even if it's just thirty minute walk. If you absolutely can't squeeze a work out in, I highly suggest at least five minutes of stretching and conscious breathing exercises. If you prefer a demonstration, you tube has a ton of resources just simply type in breathing and stretching techniques. 



Good Vibration, Sweet...Sensation

-The Law of Attraction works when you are in a high vibrating state. 

-IT DOES NOT WORK WHEN  when you create resistance by staying stuck in habits that do not serve you (example: the habit of believing a story that you've chosen to believe from your past.) 

The reality is that it's my HABIT and story that I chose to believe, and every time I choose to believe it I give away my power, and my confidence. How can I, or you, or anyone attract what they want into existence or deliver a message to the world when they are in a lack or unsatisfied mindset!? You cannot!

HOW TO GET IN HIGH VIBRATION - be a part of a community, do a lot of what you love, get out take a walk in nature, listen to your favorite song, sing it at the top of your lungs, dance, swim, meditate, take a great yoga class, go for a hike with a someone that you love and enjoy being around!!  Basically do whatever it is that makes you feel good. The list above is what does it for me, stay true and dedicated to your list! It's that simple.


Forming New Habits

I've spent years filled with anxiety, and fear about my future. The thoughts, and feelings of overwhelm about the actions needed to take place felt paralyzing.

I have quite the imagination so visualizing what the future looks like is never the problem. The only issue was and at times still is THE EXECUTION.

I don't regret the years of not knowing, because as I take time to reflect on my life now I'm most certain that unknown years are what led and guided me onto my current path. I was led to teachers, books, and life assignments aka (experiences) that have taught metips on how to form habits in order to receive all that I want out of life.

The most challenging part for myself was being willing to start somewhere, and TAKING ACTION. If you relate to thisplease watch the video below, and leave me a comment about what fear is currently blocking you from taking action, and an action step that you are ready to take!



Perfectly Imperfect

In 2010 I went through a yoga life and teacher training program. Before arriving at training we were asked to write a poem to share. I titled mine perfectly imperfect, it was about embracing all my "flaws" which shape me into who I am now.

I recently listened to a podcast called Be the Beginner by, That's so Retrograde, and it reminded me a lot of the poem I wrote.The podcast was about the pressure of perfectionism and acceptance among women. I instantly related.

When I feel that my work, and creativity is not perfect just the thought of giving it a shot felt paralyzing because of my perfectionism. 

The problem is that years of not feeling good enough holds me back from even exploring my creativity. The truth is we all have to start somewhere. We've all been beginners of a desire that our souls felt called to do at some point or another. I have a list of creative avenues I'd like to explore. I may discover a new passion, or maybe I won't, both are a gift, and an answer.



1. I don't know what my purpose is. I held on to this belief for years, and it's where most of my anxiety came from. With the help of mentors I gained some great insight on how to find my purpose. The simplest and most beneficial exercise you can do is take a pen to paper and make two columns; on one side list your passions and on the other your qualities. Spend as much time as you need exploring the areas that you are passionate, and what brings you in life. I was able to discover that I feel most alive while connecting with others and living a life of self discovery and exploration. I enjoy the feeling learning, growing, and living a fulfilled life. 

2. So many people are already doing what I want to do. As cliche as this may sound the statement that no one shares your unique gift is just so damn true! One of life's finest beauties is truly that each and every one of us has something so unique and different to offer. I have a number of different mentors that I truly resonate with and although they are all in the self development business each of their techniques, and tools are different yet all affective. 

3. Finding the right timing.  The truth is that there is no "right timing" to start something. The only way to grow, learn, and gain experience is by throwing yourself in the mix and starting before you feel ready. 

4. I have other obligations that hold me back. The obligations never stop so if you truly want to live the life that you are passionate about and desire you must make your happiness a priority. Take the time to time block and schedule in the time to work on your goals in order to move forward. 

5. Others are going to Judge Me. This is a such a real struggle for so many people, including myself. The truth is that the ones that are usually doing the judging are the ones sitting on the sidelines too afraid to leave their comfort zone in order to make big changes in their lives. If you are surrounding yourself with people who are judging you for following your dreams, those are not your people. Surround yourself with a like-minded tribe who will celebrate the f**k out of you! NO RISK NO REWARD! 



Guided Relaxation Meditation

This guided meditation was created for getting present by sitting in silence, taking conscious deep breaths, staying focused, and connecting with the Universe in faith that everything is always working out for you.