Yvonne has been on a path of self discovery since her early twenties. Before then, her life consisted of a constant chase of what she believed would bring her happiness according to cultural conditioning. The never-ending race to status, success, money, materialism, and caring about how others perceived “Yvonne” left her feeling drained, and unfulfilled. 

She knows with certainty that it was by the grace of God she was led to her first ever yoga class aligning her with the answers she’d been seeking. Yvonne soon discovered that her time on the yoga mat provided a space to tune into her mind and body while being fully present. 

Her consistent yoga practice began to shift her thoughts and empower her spiritual connection, and intuition. Yoga became the foundation of her own awakening, and healing practices she uses on herself, and as a guide to assist others in fully embracing their own individual paths. 

After years of learning from world renowned spiritual practitioners, Yvonne has developed a healing structure of spiritual tools, and practices that open a channel connecting to guidance from her higher self, and divine spirit guides.  As an empath her ability to tune into others feelings and thought patterns has served as a guide for clients to discover their own healing process. Through a series of guided meditations, oracle readings, personalized intuitive readings, energy clearing, and spiritual coaching she’s witnessed transformations that unveil a deeper connection to the self through spiritual connection.