THe Professional Modeliing Industry Offered some of the most challenging experiences Of my life. Appearing extrenally confident without Lifting the veil to my Inner turmoil left me feeling Disconnected.

As grateful as I am for the modeling opportunities, it never felt like enough. This feeling led me to Spending a lot Of time in Self reflection. i Can’t help to question, what is it all for, will it ever be enough, or will I ever be enough? If I'm not chasing the dream, then it's the validation from others, or the job, or the money. The list seems never ending.

I've been on a path of self discovery and development since age twenty-five. Before then, my life consisted of the constant chase of what I thought brings joy and happiness.. money, success, and materialism. Partying every weekend and caring about how others perceived Yvonne left me feeling drained and completely unfulfilled.

Then, one day I decided to take it to the mat, the yoga mat. I have no doubt that I was lead to that yoga studio by the grace of God aligning me with the answers I'd been seeking. 

I soon discovered that my time on the mat was the only time I was able to be fully present.  I'd check my ego, emotional baggage, past and future worries at the door. I created a space for myself to tune into my mind and body. My consistent yoga practice began to shift my thoughts, and gave me the power to change my outlook on life.  For the first time in what seemed like forever ago, I was "enough".

After almost six years of tuNing into my spiritual practices, I'm ready to stand in my truth and live a life of passion, and happiness. I hope to inspire others who are feeling unfulfilled to take ownership of the life that they deserve.