In 2010 I went through a yoga life and teacher training program. Before arriving at training we were asked to write a poem to share. I titled mine perfectly imperfect, it was about embracing all my "flaws" which shape me into who I am now.

I recently listened to a podcast called Be the Beginner by, That's so Retrograde, and it reminded me a lot of the poem I wrote.The podcast was about the pressure of perfectionism and acceptance among women. I instantly related.

When I feel that my work, and creativity is not perfect just the thought of giving it a shot felt paralyzing because of my perfectionism. 

The problem is that years of not feeling good enough holds me back from even exploring my creativity. The truth is we all have to start somewhere. We've all been beginners of a desire that our souls felt called to do at some point or another. I have a list of creative avenues I'd like to explore. I may discover a new passion, or maybe I won't, both are a gift, and an answer.