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yvonne szeferComment

-The Law of Attraction works when you are in a high vibrating state. 

-IT DOES NOT WORK WHEN  when you create resistance by staying stuck in habits that do not serve you (example: the habit of believing a story that you've chosen to believe from your past.) 

The reality is that it's my HABIT and story that I chose to believe, and every time I choose to believe it I give away my power, and my confidence. How can I, or you, or anyone attract what they want into existence or deliver a message to the world when they are in a lack or unsatisfied mindset!? You cannot!

HOW TO GET IN HIGH VIBRATION - be a part of a community, do a lot of what you love, get out take a walk in nature, listen to your favorite song, sing it at the top of your lungs, dance, swim, meditate, take a great yoga class, go for a hike with a someone that you love and enjoy being around!!  Basically do whatever it is that makes you feel good. The list above is what does it for me, stay true and dedicated to your list! It's that simple.