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yvonne szeferComment

I've spent years filled with anxiety, and fear about my future. The thoughts, and feelings of overwhelm about the actions needed to take place felt paralyzing.

I have quite the imagination so visualizing what the future looks like is never the problem. The only issue was and at times still is THE EXECUTION.

I don't regret the years of not knowing, because as I take time to reflect on my life now I'm most certain that unknown years are what led and guided me onto my current path. I was led to teachers, books, and life assignments aka (experiences) that have taught metips on how to form habits in order to receive all that I want out of life.

The most challenging part for myself was being willing to start somewhere, and TAKING ACTION. If you relate to this please watch the video below, and leave me a comment about what fear is currently blocking you from taking action, and an action step that you are ready to take!

I used to become overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of all the action steps needed to receive all that I want out of life. Luckily found the right guidance, information, and tools on forming new habits to receive my goals that truly worked when I committed, and applied myself.